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Raymond Boyd Dunn is a "born and bred" Australian. After his retirement Raymond Boyd became a grey nomad, and with his wife, spent some time touring this vast country ofAustralia. He was born in the smallBurnettValleytown ofMonto,Queensland, and for his entire life has answered to the name of 'Boyd'. Apart from his travels he has lived all of his life in Queensland, and after satisfying his thirst for seeing first hand this wonderful country we live in, settled on the Sunshine Coast to spend his remaining years in the sunshine near the beach.


He commenced his working life as a Bank Officer in Monto, then at Meandarra, Brisbane branches, Nambour and Dalby. He resigned after thirteen years to become self-employed. At various stages he has owned a Corner Store, a small Supermarket Chain, a Butchery, a Milk Run, a Printery and a Cattle and Grain Farm.  He has been involved, in various capacities, in Cricket and Tennis Clubs; Jaycees, Lions and Rotary Clubs and Aero Clubs, Rector's Warden in Anglican Church. He was a Cricketer, played tennis, tried to play golf, and was a keen long distance runner.


Upon taking a well-earned retirement he wrote his unpublished autobiography, which was for distribution amongst his family of six children and numerous grand-children. A visit to Cooktown, where he learnt of the Palmer River Gold Rush, was the incentive to keep writing and produce his first novel 'Palmer Gold'  He then settled down to write novels, producing two more books to complete a Trilogy...'An Australian Ranch' and "Carly and Sam...Will and Effie'.  There followed a number of short stories, a Novella, and other novels 'Lord of the Manor in Australia and The Vintage Years.   He continues to write whilst enjoying life in the sunshine on the beautiful SunshineCoast in Queensland.


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RECOMMENDED READING : The Pearson/Rickards Trilogy of

Book One 'Palmer Gold', Book Two 'An Australian Ranch' and Book Three 'Carly and Sam...Will and Effie'.

Offshoots from the Trilogy are : 'The First Born Sons'...'The Jackaroo'..."Once Upon a Time on the Ghan.'...The Vintage Years.

FROM A DIFFERENT GENRE : The Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye Series...

Book One : The Case of the Missing Heiress  Book Two : Murder in Maroochydore

Book Three : 'Wayne's Daughter'  Book Four : 'The Fairbanks Enigma'

Book Five : 'Get Charlene!'    Book Six : 'The Case of the Missing Stamp and Coin Collection'    

Book Seven : 'Blackmail in Paradise'  Book Eight : 'Death on the Valley Rattler



Outlaws of the Australian Bush

Book One : Bushranger  Book Two : Birth of a Bushranger 

Book Three : 'Millie and the Bushranger'   Book Four : 'Bushranger's Gold'

Book Five : 'The Adventures of Ben Hall, Bushranger'

Book Six : The Destiny of Darkie Dixon

Book Seven : Jessie James - Lady Bushranger'

 Outlaws of Australia (A compilation of all seven books.

'The Lord of the Manor in Australia' is well worth a read!



He'd like to know what you think of his stories. Did you enjoy reading the book? Your comments would be appreciated, so his email address is appended at the end of each book. He will respond to every comment.

Email: boyddnn@gmail.com













Book Three in the Pearson/Rickards Trilogy
Kind regards
Raymond Dunn

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Resell | Reply 01.12.2012 23.11

Hi I like it

Raymond Boyd Dunn 02.12.2012 11.19

Thank you, RESELL

Robyn Cuskelly | Reply 26.11.2012 18.24

Hi Uncle Boyd,
I'm so impressed by your site! You are so much more technological than I am!
(PS. That's a very cute photo of you with the train!)

Raymond Boyd Dunn 27.11.2012 08.22

Thanks, Robyn. Weren't we all cute at that age? Give our love to all, Boyd.

Jan Wyatt | Reply 23.11.2012 20.31

Loved looking at your site Boyd and reading your history. It's so well done. One day, in the distant future, I may have a go. Well done!

Raymond Boyd Dunn 27.11.2012 08.19

Thanks, Jan. I'll look forward to seeing your story.

Ray | Reply 22.11.2012 20.46

Well done Boyd enjoyed your site. Hope you do well with your latest novel

Raymond Boyd Dunn 27.11.2012 08.17

Thanks for your best wishes, Ray. Good luck with yours.

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02.12 | 11:19

Thank you, RESELL

01.12 | 23:11

Hi I like it

27.11 | 08:22

Thanks, Robyn. Weren't we all cute at that age? Give our love to all, Boyd.

27.11 | 08:19

Thanks, Jan. I'll look forward to seeing your story.

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